Sunday, June 10, 2012

When Does Size Matter?

When does size matter? When you are trying to get a shirt that fits. If you thought this post was regarding something else, I am sorry but if you want information on how to size our t-shirts I can help with that. There is no such thing as Good,Better,Best when it comes to our Women's Tuxedo T-Shirts; we offer so many styles in the hopes of finding just the right fit. Without further adieu....

 This is the smallest we offer and looks great on those looking for a tight fit and prefer a smaller tighter fit this one for sure is considered junior sizing.  If you are a size 10 or larger this might not be the shirt for you.

This one is fitted and we have found it to look good on those in sizes ranging from 2 to 12.  It is tight and more form fitting then your standard tee and we consider this to be in the junior to missy class of fit.

For lack of a better description this one is right in between the fitted (above) and the missy tee(below) This one leans on the smaller size and we have found women from size 3 to 12 like this shirt.  It is not skin tight

Now this one is what we refer to as Missy size.  Little larger than the fitted or juniors but slimmer than our ladies or womens. Here is the size scale associated with this shirt:
Missy T-shirt Guide and Specs(non fitted)
15/17 17/19
Bust 30-32 33-35 36-37 38-39 40-41

This Tux Tee is truly unisex but of a slimmer cut making it work for women and slimmer men. It is one of the nicest tees we print on.  Very soft and sleeves are not too long ladies.

Our ladies tuxedo t-shirt is more of a standard t-shirt cut.  The men's and ladies do not differ in size all that much.  What is different about this shirt is the sleeves are a little shorter and the neck a little more open.

Plus sizes up to XXXX are now available

Finally if you know what is good for you don't forget the "Mom" in your group. Anyways just because you are with child doesn't mean you can't have fun.

OK that's not all of them, but my post is getting long enough.  As far as I know no one offers this many styles in a ladies tuxedo t-shirt.  If I missed something leave it in the comments below or call the office I will be happy to hop on the phone 585-254-3018

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