Saturday, June 23, 2012

Formal at Sea Followup

What a great suggestion from one of our regulars. We created this pin to attach to one of our favorite Tuxedo Tees. Want to use the t-shirt again for a different event? Just take the pin off and enjoy

We wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed wearing our Tuxedo Shirts on our most recent cruise in February on Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Sea. We decided to opt out of the suggested Gown and Tuxedo attire and wear our Tuxedo T-shirts to the formal dinner. We received many complements from other cruisers and even from the crew. We could sense many individuals wished they had their own Tuxedo T-Shirt. We had one negative response as we were walking out, in a single line, part of our group overhead a “seasoned cruiser” formally dressed say “Oh My God”. We couldn’t help but laugh, because you just cannot take life so seriously. Being able to order additional bow ties allowed us to where our shirts for the second formal night as well.

We had several inquiries as to where we had purchased our shirts and gave everyone that ask your website address. Since this was such a big hit we thought we would send you a photo and suggest a “Formal Night at Sea” marketing promotion.

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