Monday, July 30, 2012

Wear a Tuxedo Tee and be Noticed, or at least found later

I have often had people tell me they stood out in the crowd at events, but this is the first time someone actually used it as a tool to find the rest of their party

VT in NY–
 “To make sure no one was missed in the caravan to the rehearsal, on the fly I
thought about it and said: everyone go down to the lobby and introduce
yourselves to anyone else in a tuxedo t-shirt - they're with us!”

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Good Karma and Tux Tees

Congratulations Kim and Chris
I get pictures and back stories all the time from my Tuxedo Tee clients and every so often I feel the love, I'm sorry if that sounds corny but it is true. Rather than having separate bachelor-bachelorette parties I think doing a Jack and Jill together creates the karma necessary to get things going in the right direction. I think the back of the shirt was a great play on words

Disclaimer : Wearing a tux tee does not guarantee a long relationship, but we like to think so....

Kim Busam and Chris Gateman are getting married on September 1, 2012 in Providence, RI.  Because they both went to school out of state and have many circles of friends who live in different parts of the country, instead of doing the traditional "Bachelor" and "Bachelorette" parties they opted for a Jack & Jill Party that was held on July 21, 2012 so all these different friends could come together and meet prior to the wedding. 

      To help bring everyone together, Chris and Kim decided to order sleeveless tuxedo t-shirts to be worn by those in attendance.   After all, as Chris' childhood friend Brent Capuano pointed out, "these shirts let you know you are classy but ready to party!"   Because Kim has an "interesting" last name, Chris' best man, Rob Weller, referenced the famous scene from the movie "Old School" to come up with the slogan for the back of the t-shirts: "One BUSAM For The Rest Of Your Life..." 

     During the morning, Kim and her bridesmaids/girlfriends met for a brunch then proceeded to Newport, RI for wine tasting at a local vineyard followed by a picnic at Bretton Point State Park.  Meanwhile, Chris and his guy friends began distributing the tuxedo t-shirts to break up into "black" and "white" teams as they engaged in softball/football games at the local town field. 

      Around 3:00 pm, the girls and guys came together at Chris' parents house in Greenville, RI for an afternoon/evening of barbecuing, lounging in the pool, drinking at the cabana bar, yardgames, and eating mores around the fire-pit.

       The day went off without a hitch as the weather cooperated and Kim and Chris were able to celebrate this special day surrounded by so many dear friends that live both near and far.  As for the t-shirts, they were the icing on the cake as they created a memory for all!  

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Dirty Pictures in Tuxedo Tees

Sorry I know at least a few people expected some different pictures, but these are great shots none the less.  I really appreciate getting these pictures back as I learn that to have fun you have to get a little dirty.